7 Ways To Be A Healthy #Boss


There are some who diet and exercise and there are others who live an active and healthy life. Today, I am giving a shout out to the healthy bosses out there. Read on for seven things they have in common.

1 | You don’t do it to gain/lose weight. 

You do it for your health and well-being. Any toning and body changes are just added benefits.

2 | You actually like fresh flavors. 

Yes, you love a delicious slice of pizza, but healthy smoothies, sun-baked fruit and delicious salads actually taste great too.

3 | You dig balance. 

It’s not about aggressively pushing yourself, but keeping the rest and movement consistent.

4 | This is a lifestyle.

Yes, some people may make fun of your desire to get up and sip your lemon water every morning or try to convince you that you don’t need to go to class, but it’s not about that. You have developed a lifestyle that feels good and healthy. It doesn’t feel so much a commitment as just another day with healthy habits.

5 | You know it is not selfish to take time for yourself. 

You don’t buy into the idea that you have to give everything you have in order to be a good person. You know that being good to yourself helps to create a strong foundation that will serve to support you as you support those around you.

6 | You don’t diet. 

You believe a healthy life is one of abundance, not restriction. You choose to eat healthfully most of the time because you know the many benefits that doing so offers and how much nicer it is to enjoy that amazing slice of cake without ever looking at it as bad.

7 | You go for the goal. 

You enjoy the challenges and lessons each day (and workout) brings and you enjoy pushing yourself to beat your own personal best.


What are your other healthy “boss” traits? 

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Johanna May Irwin
Known for her focus on whole body transformation, JMP founder, Johanna May Irwin has spent the last five years training and teaching Pilates to a growing clientele that includes men and women of all ages as well as private celebrity clients. She holds a diploma of Professional Pilates Practice and trained with Pilates International. Johanna’s dedication to the physical, mental and spiritual health of her clients has earned her recognition in a number of editorial features. Her dedication to helping her clients find health in balance is what makes her badass.

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