5 Effective Ways For Brands To Market And Sell Their Product Or Service Via Snapchat


By DIVAlicious Contributor, Denise Del Russo 

Snapchat has been growing swiftly over the past couple of years and it’s only going to expand faster in 2016. By now, I’m sure most of you know the concept behind the popular social media app but, if not, I will break it down: the app is meant for quick exposure through short videos and pictures. You can send a picture to someone and it will last for up to 10 seconds before it’s gone forever (unless the viewer screenshots it). You can also post to your “story” for all your friends to see and that lasts for 24 hours. Essentially, it’s another platform to let your audience keep up with you with the added bonus of being in real time. Other cool features include the ability to chat in real time with your audience, add a geotag, add a filter, add emojis, you get the drift. I’ve been having fun with the app pretty much since its inception in September 2011 and I love seeing how it has evolved over time.

The attention grabbing app is beginning to play an important role in how brands reach their consumers or audience. Snapchat has reached huge brands and corporations like The Food Network and Cosmopolitan which have taken to the “Discover” platform. Beauty influencers like Lustrelux, Sona Gasparian, and Desi Perkins, who have huge followings across all social media boards, are constantly posting on their Snapchat stories giving tips on beauty products, makeup swatches, product photos, etc. If you’re a beauty brand (or any brand, really) you need to be on this app. It’s not just about reaching your customer, it’s about engaging and telling compelling stories in real time. Snapchat is rapidly changing the business marketing game.

Here are five effective ways to market your brand using Snapchat.

1. Create brand awareness and excitement.

Snapchat is so important right now because of how much attention is on this social media platform. Millennials love it. Once on the platform, it’s important for brands to create a compelling story for viewers. It’s about engaging people through creative storytelling. Once intrigued, your followers will want to learn more. For example, you may have heard of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit. If you follow her on Snapchat (username: kylizzlemynizzl) you can see her almost daily promoting the product. She lets her audience know (down to the minute) when they can get their hands on the coveted kits and new shades. Kylie has created so much excitement about her brand that the kits sell out within hours every single time.

2. Show off new products before they’re available.

One of my favorite Snapchat accounts to follow is Sephora (username: Sephorasnaps) because they have great, captivating stories. Their stories are thoughtful, concise, and engaging. They often show the newest products in-store or before they’re even available right from the Sephora corporate offices. This kind of insider view makes consumers feel in the know and builds anticipation for big launches.

3. Behind the scenes action.

People are fascinated with behind the scenes. Showing the audience what goes on behind closed doors of a brand they love is pretty intriguing. People want to see the real, personal part of brands; they want to know the actual faces behind a brand. Give people direct access to live events, trade shows, store openings, speaking engagements, and more, and they will eat it up! I know I do. One brand that is great for a lot of behind the scenes action is Ivanka Trump (username: ivankatrump). Most days she or a team member is showing the latest developments of making her Spring 2017 ready-to-wear line. It is pretty cool to know what’s trending before the product even hits the manufacturer.

4. Offer Snapchat-only giveaways.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Snapchat gives you a chance to offer Snapchat-only contests and giveaways. The key is to keep your audience coming back for more. You could have Snapchat promo codes and offers. If you’re a beauty product lover, like myself, follow Sona Gasparian (username: simply_sona) and Desi Perkins (username: desiperkins). They always have the latest products and special prizes only for their Snapchat followers.

5. Partner with influencers.

Influencers are social media stars with huge followings and are experts in a particular field. It could be beauty, food, travel, lifestyle, fitness, and beyond. Basically, anything the influencer receives in their daily mail from brands is almost instantly shared along with their reactions and opinions of the product which gives their followers direct access. By doing this, they are driving the consumer to the brand’s site, Instagram page, or even the brand’s own Snapchat. I know as a makeup artist and beauty product enthusiast, I want to see more and get a first glimpse at the newest products and trends. These gurus are not only providing their audience with a first look at the newest products out there but also a look into their personal lives, which is entertaining in its own right.

Snapchat is full of honest, personal moments. In real life. In real time. That is what is the key here. That is the driving force to creating buzz and ultimately sales for brands.



Denise Del Russo is a seasoned, professional makeup artist, beauty and wellness coach. She has had beauty on the brain from a young age. Later in life, Denise translated that passion into a career by helping other women look and feel their best. One of her objectives is to focus on her client’s best features and accentuate them. She enhances one’s natural beauty.

Denise is an accomplished artist who has worked in editorial, TV, and bridal settings for over ten years. She earned a completion certificate in 2010 after attending the Pixiwoos course with the renowned Samantha and Nicola Chapman in London and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She then went on to obtain a Masters in Teaching from Montclair State University and recently completed studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Denise is now focusing on using her makeup techniques, beauty and wellness knowledge to bring awareness to clients by showing them how to accentuate their external beauty.

Denise’s work has been on DIVAlicious.NYC, Cosmopolitan.com, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Essence Magazine, Today’s Black Woman, Manhattan Magazine, and the New Jersey Nets Dance Team, just to name a few.


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