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Badass + Living is a site for independent, empowered women who find joy in empowering other women. Founded on the concept of collaboration over competition, we believe in the beauty of women working together to promote brands, reach goals and celebrate individuality while sharing wisdom, worries, successes and lessons.

The Badass woman is smart, savvy, ambitious, stylish, philanthropic, inspired and totally dedicated to living her best life as her best self. She’s curious, interested and interesting, and she values herself, her friends, her loved ones and her life. She’s a go-getter who gives back. She’s got big dreams, goals, vision (and perhaps a vision board) and she has a fire inside of her that she’s looking to ignite. Best of all, she believes in the Italian Proverb that reminds us that “a candle never loses light by lighting another candle.”

She values a healthy, balanced lifestyle (mentally, physically, spiritually) but still indulges her vices every once in a while (delicious cocktails, a shopping spree, a gorgeous man/woman, or a fabulous dessert). She enjoys the company of other women and has a very good sense of who she is and wants to become. She’s coming to the website for inspiration, education, empowerment, aspiration and support, and it’s our mission to provide this for her on a daily basis.

Welcome to our community. Now, tell us: What Makes You Badass?