Iris Apfel Goes Tech Chic.


We doubt there is a fashionista among us who hasn’t heard of eccentric style icon, Iris Apfel. Known for her fierce individuality and ability to mix-and-match accessories to a stylish perfection so admirable that the Metropolitan Museum of Art honored her talents with a full on exhibition, Apfel is a force in the fashion community. And now, at 94, she’s entered the world of tech.

Earlier this year, Apfel announced her collaboration with Wisewear to create The Socialite Collection, a glamorous line of 18-carat gold or palladium-plated smart bracelets named “Calder,” “Kingston” and “Duchess” that are perfect for dressing smart this spring and summer. The bracelets not only track movement but also offer users a distress messaging function which send messages to pre-approved emergency contacts sharing the user is in need of assistance and identifying where they are.

Personally, we love the designs and are forward to the broaches, necklaces and belts (for men!) Apfel has promised to add to the collection.  

What do you think of the designs?


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Brenda Della Casa
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