Celebrity Planner, Patrizia Cilli Shares How To Throw A Killer NYE Party


The countdown to 2017 has officially begun and many of you are looking to throw a festive and fabulous party to ring in the new year. Today, Celebrity planner, Patrizia Cilli, is sharing her top tips for hosting an unforgettable soiree.


Consider guest dynamics. A good party has a great vibe and that requires an interesting-but compatible-mix of guests with enough in common to get along and different enough to keep the conversations colorful. Be sure to introduce your guests to one another, including a fun tidbit about each of them.


Give a warm welcome. There is nothing more blase than walking into a party and wondering where the host is. Have someone designated to help you greet guests at the door. Take their coat and offer them a beverage from a tray of champagne (or a signature cocktails) and sparkling water nearby. Warm canapes are also lovely to have on-hand.


Set the tone immediately. Stunning decor and details that delight the senses are both essential when it comes to hosting a fabulous New Year’s Eve soiree. Light candles, have a great playlist that builds up through the night (not too loud!) and create a luxurious ambiance with a classic scent such as Baies Limited Edition Deluxe Holiday Candle by Diptyque.


Sit down meals require a table plan. Ideally, you can sit guests next to one person they know and one stranger.


Have a varied menu. Ask guests about any allergies or dislikes when they are invited and have a wide variety of options- vegetarian, gluten-free and offer mocktails for those who don’t drink or don’t want to drink too much.


Beautify the Bathroom. A lovely scented candle, flowers and a small basket with guest essentials such as mints, mouthwash, deodorant, hairspray, feminine products and wipes can go a long way to make guests comfortable.


Prepare a sparkling toast. Have glasses poured and ready and say a few words before midnight. Countdown to the new year with guests and let the party begin.


A few things to consider:


  • Taxi’s and ubers can be difficult to get on this night. You might want to remind guests to schedule them beforehand or offer up nearby hotel suggestions.


  • Alcohol typically makes people hungry and food is also a great way to absorb excess champagne. Consider offering bite sized breakfast items if the party runs past 2:00AM


  • Buying a small coat rack and extra hangers is much nicer than piling coats and bags on a bed.


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