5 Things Successful Business Owners Do Differently


Success means different things to different people, but most of us can agree that to achieve our own version it’s essential to create a platform that allows us to stay in the game. Here are five things high achieving business owners do differently.

1 | They create opportunities.

Most entrepreneurs are ambitious dreamers who are constantly chasing the elements they need to make the most of their vision. This means that most always feel they need more of something (money, support, time). Instead of allowing that to discourage them, they use it to fuel resourcefulness. They are constantly looking at relationships and experiences from a variety of angles which allows them to identify opportunities and see potential that might be overlooked by those who are less flexible in their thinking.

2 | They are team players.

Not only do they hire the best people for their business, they empower them by asking them for feedback and giving them room to add real value beyond checking off a to-do list from 9 to 5. Successful business owners get excited when their team begins to grow enough for them to take on new responsibilities and they know when to let go.

3 | They see the big picture.

Instead of getting hung up on day-to-day setbacks or writing an incredible employee off after they have had a bad week, they pay attention to the overall goals of the company and stay focused on the bigger picture. They accept that not all ventures will be a success and they work to fail fast instead of being afraid of setbacks.

4 | They are engaged in their business.

A disconnected leader is as bad as one who is too connected. These men and women respond to emails and calls in a timely manner, offer clear feedback and keep their teams informed. They understand that a lack of information creates chaos and uncertainty, two elements that are toxic to team building.

5 | They value their teams.

No one likes to go into an office giving 100% and feeling as though their efforts aren’t noticed or appreciated. Successful business owners let their staff know what is working as quickly as they do what isn’t.

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Brenda Della Casa
Brenda Della Casa is the owner of BDC Digital Media and the Founder of Badass Living. She is also the Author of Cinderella Was a Liar, The Editor-in-chief and the former Digital Content Strategist at Preston Bailey Designs. Additionally, she is a blogger for The Huffington Post Blogger and YourTango . When not working, she is obsessing over Enrique Iglesias and discovering London, her new home. She created Badass + Living for other women who believe in collaboration over competition.  Her ambition, determination and dedication to helping others is what makes her badass.  Facebook: BrendaDellaCasa, Twitter: @BrendaDellaCasa, Instagram: @BrendaDellaCasa.

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