A Destination Proposal Doesn’t Mean You Need To Fly To An Exotic Location


Dear Kelly,

I want to come up with a really special proposal that makes my girlfriend want to shout the story from rooftops. The only issue is that all of her friends were taken away for “destination proposals” and that’s just not an option for us (I spent all of my money on the ring). Do you have any ideas as to how to make a proposal special here at home in San Francisco?


Dear ________:

Proposals, like any event these days, have become bigger and bigger; however, bigger isn’t always better. Be yourself and create a happy memory for the both of you, no matter how big or small.

A destination proposal doesn’t mean you need to fly to an exotic location. There are amazing locations in any city or hometown, you just need to use your imagination and creativity.

San Francisco is such a beautiful city with incredible locations: amazing hotel rooftops overlooking the baseball stadium, beautifully decorated and award winning restaurants, views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the list goes on. You also have the beautiful Big Sur and a national forest only a few hours away where the redwood tress grow. They are the tallest measured tree species on earth. The most spectacular location in Big Sur (in my opinion) is Post Ranch Inn. Post Ranch Inn, is perched on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and you turn around and your nestled within the Red Wood Forest, It’s amazing! 

A proposal can be as simple as reserving the best table at a rooftop restaurant. Enjoy each other’s company, the bubbles and the view. Or is there somewhere you always go to? A particular hiking trail or beach you both love? You could arrange a picnic at your favorite park or a romantic dinner at home with candlelight then you can pop the question! It doesn’t matter how big or small your budget is, everyone looks good in candlelight.

You should hire a photographer to capture this very special moment. This way you can post images on social media and rival exotic destination proposals.

Best of luck,







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Kelly Irwin Rutty
Kelly Irwin Rutty is the founder of Kelly Irwin Rutty Events. For over 10 years, Kelly has been planning and producing weddings and private events for a client list that includes celebrities, athletes and royals. An Aussie with a passion for art deco designs, a love of champagne and an appreciation of handwritten thank you notes, Kelly enjoys living the good life and creating it for others. She's also been known to run a team of over 300 men on-site while making sure the bride has fresh flowers and her favorite treats in her suite. Her dedication to getting things done no matter what it takes is what makes her badass.


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