5 Ways To Give Yourself Wrinkles At Any Age


Growing older is a beautiful blessing, but let’s be honest; few of us enjoy looking into the mirror and discovering yet another piece of proof that our skin is aging. While fine lines and wrinkles are an inevitable side effect of living a long and happy life, many people do not know that day-to-day choices can speed up the process, regardless of how many birthdays you’ve celebrated. Today, we are sharing five habits that can cause skin to lose its luster.

Skipping sunscreen. Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation will not only put you at risk for skin cancer, but it can age you-fast. UV light breaks up the connective tissue, collagen and elastin fibers (the key elements for plump, firm skin). The loss of elastin causes the skin to lose support and flexibility which causes it to fall and sag. Have we given you enough reason to slather it on? Before you do, consider that not all sunscreens are created equal. The best ones have an spf of 40a and contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Lighting up.
 Lung cancer risk aside, even occasional smoking can cause the vertical lines known as “smoker’s mouth” which are caused by constant puckering. Smoking also causes a reduction in blood flow to the mouth which works against us as oxygen is an essential element of youthful skin.

Cheap sunglasses. Those $5.00 shades may look great, but unless they offer UV protection, they’re not much of an accessory. Quality shades are a great way to keep eyes healthy and prevent the constant, repetitive squinting that causes fine lines to develop around the eyes.

Skipping your eye exam.
 Speaking of squinting, have you noticed that your eyes aren’t what they used to be? We are a culture constantly staring at our computers, smartphones and TV screens. Don’t put off that exam! Squinting and straining the eyes to read those Facebook comments and fine print not only causes wrinkles to form around the eyes but gives us those 11’s in the glabella as well. Additionally, looking down at mobile devices can cause lines in the neck.

Sleeping on your side. This is one of the easiest ways to cause wrinkles. The constant pressure will cause folds to form. The more often these folds form, the higher chance they will become permanent. Facial compression also contributes to fat loss on your cheeks and leads to hollowness.

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