Pronovias 2017 Bridal Fashion Show


Photo by Xavi Menos

The Prince George ballroom, with its hardwood floors and neo-renaissance style, was chosen as the venue for the 2017 Pronovias Bridal Fashion Show in NYC. The space was set with a wrap around runaway with a huddle of photographers crowded at one end. People with clip boards who were scurrying to get everyone seated. I enjoyed a perfect view from the front row and fell in love one gown at a time.


The lights dimmed and I was mesmerized watching what seemed like fairies floating down the runway with such grace in 6-inch heels. Breathtaking gowns of lace, silk chiffon, tulle and even feathers begged me to reach out and touch as they passed (of course I didn’t dare)!


The first wedding dress opened the show with a bang. The mermaid style design with embroidery and lace was inspired by nature and earned many nods of approval from the guests. The added flowing cape made this the perfect gown to set the stage for the show.


Each model wore an elegant gemstone headpiece, their very own sparkling halo. With their glowing skin, neutral color lip and light pink cheeks they resembled what could almost be considered modern day angels. 


All gowns while romantic and feminine allude sensual and sexy undertones with skin peeking through sheer fabrics, high leg slits, open backs and plunging necklines. I also noticed 4 dresses with beautifully detailed cap sleeves that stood out as unique.


The models entered from one side of the runway and exited on the other all except for one: the gown of all gowns, the show stopper. Once the second-to-last model had exited the runway, the lights were dimmed and anticipation built. The finale dress entered the runway from the opposite side of the loop. This piece of art, draped on the model ever so perfectly, portrayed a subtle modest woman from the front and an exotic risk taker from the back. Badass no doubt.

finale dress back


Once the finale of gowns poured down the runway I felt my heart sink a bit knowing it was coming to an end. The gorgeous gowns received an eruption of applause. The collection was a success. Pronovias depicts magics in their gowns and provides the fairytale that brides are looking for.

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