Ines Di Santo: The 2017 Fall Bridal Patisserie



Nestled along the West Side Highway, away from the hustle and bustle of Midtown Manhattan, you can find the IAC Building. For a moment when I walked in, I felt as though I was in any other office building in New York. This feeling only lasts for a second before I round the corner to the Ines Di Santo runway. Between the pastel walls and the giant cake decor, I felt as though I had stepped into a chapter of Alice in Wonderland.


Once I found my seat, I enjoyed the fashion show before the fashion show. With men and women from all over the world, speaking a multitude of different languages, it was no surprise to see fashion statements ranging from jeans and crop tops to Valentino and tiaras. That’s no exaggeration; there was literally a woman in a tiara, making me feel a little underdressed.


I read over Ines’ note to the audience about the inspiration behind this collection. “I imagined a beautiful patisserie– polished wood floors, delicate cups of coffee still served with a saucer and gleaming glass cases. The wonder that comes over each of us when it is our turn to choose…” she shared. It was clear that we had all walked into Patisserie Ines.

And then the show began.


The dresses came out in a tizzy of of tulle, sparkle, lace overlays, and illusion backs that make you look twice to see if the buttons are actually just placed on the models’ backs. The models walked down the runway an upbeat French singer which perfectly matched the light and happy atmosphere of the show.  The collection incorporated gowns of all shapes and styles. From classic tulle ballgowns to asymmetrical columns with floral organza, there was a gown for everyone’s taste.


Every bride knows that she needs something old, new, borrowed, and blue; thanks to this collection, brides that are looking to emphasize the “something blue” are able to do so with Belle. The sweetheart gown has  an illusion corseted bodice. The blue tulle is made to stand out by the hand embroidered details. The gown is absolutely stunning.

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From the moment I arrived until the beautiful finale where the doors of the patisserie opened and revealed the models with cupcakes and different sweets on their heads, I was enchanted. The show was beautiful, the gowns were breathtaking, and the whole experience was a dream.


Congratulations on a wonderful collection Ines!

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