A Big Life Lesson From A Four Year Old


Having recently completed a Q & A for Badass Living, I started to think about success and how its meaning changes depending on the individual. I believe that in order to be truly successful we must lead a happy and fulfilled life where we are honest and true to ourselves, enabling us to be the best we can be and subsequently allowing us to offer the best of ourselves to our family, friends and colleagues.

Most importantly, success is the realization of how the confidence of being who we are transfers to and effects our relationships, especially the relationship with our children.

My four year old daughter, Amelia, has taught me more about myself than anyone. She has done this simply by being true to herself, which is an instinctive talent all children have. Children copy the behavior that they observe around them. Generally, girls are more likely to follow their Mommy’s lead and boys their Daddy’s.

I could see positive and negative behaviors in my beautiful daughter which she had clearly learned from me and this made me want to improve in every way throughout my life.

It also made me realize how observant young children are and how transparent we are as parents. With this being the case, it is just as important to keep ourselves happy, motivated and fulfilled to enable us to be good, positive parents.

The true life lesson is to do the things we dream of doing, which in turn will give our children a parent who inspires them and sets an example that everything is achievable if you work hard enough.

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Emmajane Albertini
Emmajane Albertini is the Managing Director at Elite National Recruiters, having founded the company in 2013. When she isn't working you will either find her marathon training, studying for her MBA or being outwitted by her four year old daughter. She is currently working on a blog detailing her masters degree and chaotic lifestyle.

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