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From working to close the gender gap to connecting with other female founders, we’re highlighting the groups, platforms and apps helping to support your efforts and make an impact.

It’s a frustrating and sad truth that access to funding is harder for women, but Global Invest Her has decided to do something about it–and in a big way. The site is the first online platform dedicated solely to Funding for Women Entrepreneurs and is packed with useful information. From access to exclusive interviews and tips about funding to inspiring success stories and a strong, interactive global community of women entrepreneurs, we think it’s a genius site that’s been a long time coming.

According to Nielsen, women are more likely to use technology than men. From using their phones more often to being more active on social media, today’s tech drivers are increasingly female; however, most products are created by men employed by firms with huge gender gaps. Tech writer, Erin Griffith says the real power lies in making better use of networking opportunities via the creation of our own individual groups. We fully support this idea and have seen it work in dozens of positive ways via groups like Ada’s List and Blooming Founders. Have you started your own group? 

You received your little bundle of joy – maybe a few months ago, maybe a few decades ago – and your child is the love of your life; so why are you being punished for putting your career on hold while you take care of your family? Tech companies like Google’s parent Alphabet Inc. and PayPal don’t think that you should be penalized for putting your family first. According to The Wall Street Journal, they (along with other businesses) have set up paid internships and other programs to help women catch up to the fast changing tech industry which will ultimately land them new jobs.

From being able to pass off our mundane work to machines to having the freedom to work remotely, Elizabeth Dukes shares 5 trends that change how we work. Not only does tech allow you to track the impact of every digital decision you make, you can do it from the comfort of your home or while you are collaborating with a team thanks to the free time your automated systems gave you. You can even rest at ease knowing that security programs are staying a step ahead of hackers.

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