How to Make “Eating Healthy” A Life Change (and Not a Diet)


Not too long ago, I was speaking with a client who was expressing her frustration at her inability to stick to a healthy diet. I have long been a proponent of balance for one major reason: life is for enjoyment and if we are not enjoying ourselves, we will not want to continue down a path.

Here are my top tips for sticking with a healthy life change.

1 | Find healthy foods that you really enjoy.

“Healthy” goes way beyond the few major elements that get the most attention (I’m looking at you, kale, salads and quinoa). Take some time to explore the many fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and fish the world has to offer. Mix and match to find ways to satisfy different cravings in a new way.

2 | Look up why foods are good.

This is a fun game to play with yourself. When you know what different foods do for your body, you get an extra feel-good boost. You might even start mixing and matching based on what you feel your body needs.

3 | Food preparation and meal plans are a great support.

Spend some time planning a healthy menu that includes different flavors, healthy fats, lean proteins and some yummy snacks to satisfy sweet and salty cravings. By being prepared, you can sidestep slumps that tend to lead us to using fillers instead of fuel.

4 | Host a healthy dinner party.

Have friends and family make their favorite healthy dish and bring the recipe so that everyone can experience new flavors and options.

What are your suggestions? Do you find it hard to stay on track?

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Johanna May Irwin
Known for her focus on whole body transformation, JMP founder, Johanna May Irwin has spent the last five years training and teaching Pilates to a growing clientele that includes men and women of all ages as well as private celebrity clients. She holds a diploma of Professional Pilates Practice and trained with Pilates International. Johanna’s dedication to the physical, mental and spiritual health of her clients has earned her recognition in a number of editorial features. Her dedication to helping her clients find health in balance is what makes her badass.

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