Hugh Hefner Named A Co-Defendant In A New Cosby Case


Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, has been throwing lavish mansion parties for the past sixty years. Now, one of his young guests is naming the publisher as a co-defendant in a new civil case against comedian, Bill Cosby, a friend of Hefner’s for 30 plus years.

Early last year, Chloe Goines, 26, went to police with allegations that she was assaulted by Cosby in the bedroom of Hefner’s LA Mansion in 2008. She filed and dismissed a lawsuit late last year. In this new suit Goines is citing charges of “sexual battery, gender violence and emotional distress” after being invited to a party and introduced to Cosby by Hefner, whom she alleges “encouraged, aided and ratified” the assault by making the introduction. It says that Hefner “knew or should have known” that his friend had a “propensity for intoxicating and/or drugging young women and taking advantage of them sexually and against their will, or while they were unconscious.”

On the night of the alleged attack, Ms. Goines claims that she was handed what she believes to be a drink that was spiked by Cosby and subsequently felt very ill. Seeing that she was “woozy,” Hefner suggested that she go and lie down in one of the bedrooms where she passed out. The suit alleges that she awoke to find herself naked with Cosby biting her toes with his trousers at his ankles. Cosby pulled up his trousers and left the room. Cosby has been accused of assault by more than 40 women, but this is the first time Hefner has been named an alleged conspirator.

The case charges Cosby and Hefner with “conspiracy to commit sexual battery and gender violence” and says that the two men “both knowingly and willfully agreed and conspired to host parties, invite minor or young adults under the age of 21, [and] provide them with alcohol or foreign substances.” The civil case comes after prosecutors were unable to move forward with a criminal case citing a lack of witnesses and that they were unable to find conclusive evidence that Ms. Goines or Mr. Cosby were at the mansion on the night of the alleged event combined with a lack of witnesses.

This is another disturbing allegation against Cosby, but do you feel Hefner should be charged in this case? 

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