Attention Moms: Enjoy A Digital Detox At These 5 Luxury Hotels


“Can I just have a little peace and quiet?” 

How many times do you remember hearing your mother say these exact words? Don’t take Webster’s word for it; to call oneself a mother is a rite of passage, a sacrifice, it’s a committed lifestyle. You may think Mother’s Day has passed but the truth is everyday is Mother’s Day. This year help mom reconnect with a trip that says, “your well-being and quality of life is of the utmost importance.” 

Today we live in the real life version of the Jetsons; anyone remember that cartoon? It’s not enough to just get away anymore, especially with every tech device becoming smart. There’s nowhere to run and hide… or is there?

I have 5 favorite luxury unplugged hotels where mom can enjoy an oasis of pampering, relaxation, and some much needed quality mom time. That’s right unplugged, as in limited tech devices and connection to the outside world; aka a break from motherdom. Let’s be honest, between PTA, bake day, Girl Scout meetings, baseball practice, helping with college applications, and mending broken hearts, figuring out mom’s schedule will be tricky. Instead surprise her with a few items that allude to the real present (the trip), thus buying you more time to make plans. Make sure you kick-start mom’s unplugged adventure by packing everything in this beautiful multi-wheel piece of luggage: Limbo by Rimowa. Tip: Choose the electronic tag option for a seamless check-in, detox doesn’t start till you arrive to your destination. And what better way to help mom start relaxing than noise cancelling headphones? I can’t travel anywhere without mine. I love these white ones from Bose. And they match the luggage! Thanks to Tory Burch we can now track our goals and health in style. Include this great Fit Bit so mom can stay in touch with her personal steps to finding balance. 

Don’t forget SPF and this beautiful Toyo sunhat from Eugenia Kim to bounce off those UV rays! Lastly, make sure you pack this fabulous Roksanda Fashion Diary for mom to keep a memory of her experiences and enlightened moments forever.

Now that you’re all packed, here are my top 5 favorite unplugged hotels. 

Ranch at live oak

1 | Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, California.

No alcohol, no tobacco, no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, no phones, no televisions, no joke. Yes, this is a luxury hotel. For the active mom who’s looking to get back in shape, recalibrate her eating habits, or shed those last few pounds of baby weight, Ranch at Live Oak is the place for her. This seven-day endurance, wellness, and nutrition program forces guests to focus on their physical and mental health. A combination of hiking, daily yoga, core strengthening, weight training, massages, and farm to table meals allows guests to detox and reset in no time. The amazing on-site staff, experts in fitness and nutrition, are there to help you stay on track and meet your personal goals so you leave feeling like you again.

Unplugged: No cell phone service, no Wi-Fi, and no televisions.

Clayoquot resort photo opt 1

2 | Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Vancouver, Canada.

Get in touch with your wild side. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort houses guests in luxury tents that include heated floors in the bathrooms and beautiful indoor/outdoor showers. Become one with nature: enjoy whale watching and bear sightings, a visit to seal rock, surfing lessons on a secluded beach, kayaking in the rushing river, endless hiking excursions, and dancing naked around the fire you built with your own hands… okay, just kidding on that last activity. If you prefer to relax and take in the fresh air then head over to the Healing Grounds Spa for a rejuvenating treatment.

Unplugged: No in-room telephone, no television, and no cell phone service.

Aja malibu photo opt. 2

3 | Aja in Malibu, California.

Defined as a “boutique retreat-meets-ashram,” Aja Malibu, California is known for their transformative immersion program, “The Magick Process,” designed to support and empower. The object is to realign and rejuvenate your chakras through Aja Meditation, wisdom workshops, light, sound, and color therapies. Also incorporating plant-based biodynamic diet, this program aims at repairing your mind-body-soul.

Unplugged: No cell phone service, no Wi-Fi, and no in-room televisions.


4 | Jade Mountain in St. Lucia, Caribbean.

A breathtaking sight of the Pitons from your own infinity pool and in-room spa treatments means never having to leave your room, or “Sanctuaries” as they are called. And Sanctuaries they are; each is designed with the fourth wall open to the views while also keeping your privacy. However, if you feel like getting out and about, Jade Mountain offers endless water and jungle activities. So grab your SPF and flip a coin to decide where to begin.

UNPLUGGED: No televisions, radios, or in-room telephones in specific sanctuary rooms. You are kindly asked to refrain from cell phone use in public areas in order to keep with the overall resort experience.

Hermitage Bay photo

5 | Hermitage Bay in Antigua, West Indies.

Surrounded by acres and acres of lush, undeveloped land on one side and clear blue waters on the other, Hermitage Bay provides a true sense of space and solitude. Sometimes all you need is the sound of the waves and the sun on your face to disconnect from our busy tech driven world.

UNPLUGGED: Hermitage Bay has Wi-Fi and TVs but upon arrival guests are encouraged to leave their cell phones and tech devices with the front desk so they can fully immerse themselves in an unplugged experience.

Give mom (the ultimate badass) exactly what she desires and demands: some damn peace and quiet. (Mother’s voice: “Watch your language young lady!”)


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