These Three Badass Startups Are Solving Working Mom Needs


It’s been a few months since I read Molly Dickens’ brave article sharing what it was like having to pump at CES. Her working-mom story isn’t an anomaly, which you can see by simply scrolling through the comments. It’s one of many shared challenges that companies like MilkStork are trying to solve. As the number of startups targeting working parents continues to rise, there are three badass standouts:

1 | Bellabeat.

After being widely ignored by the first wave of wearables in clunky form factors and generalized data points, the health and wellness of women were the top attributes in mind by the team behind the Bellabeat Leaf. It’s a stunning and beautifully designed smart-accessory helping women track activity, sleep and menstrual cycles. I’ve worn my Leaf as a statement bracelet, necklace and as an easy-to-transition clip when I workout. Bellabeat is constantly taking in user feedback to improve their connected app experience. Simply put, there’s no smarter (and stylish) piece of jewelry on the market. I can’t wait to see what product is rolled out next.

2 | Winnie.

Founder, Sara Mauskopf, defines Winnie as “the most robust directory of local information specifically for parents, backed by a blend of automated data collection, curation, and crowd sourcing…from as basic as ‘where can I change my child’s diaper?’ to as open-ended as ‘what should we do this afternoon?’ Winnie will answer those questions and more.” Less time planning and more time with family? Sign me up for the waiting list!

3 | Kango.

Kango, founded by Sara Schaer and Kaliyuga Sivakumar, provides both scheduled family rides and childcare services and is the only one on the market insured to transport kids of any age (preschool to high school). Having updated their identity from KangaDo early this year, the startup plans on expanding beyond San Francisco. Kango requires much more stringent pre-screening and safety checks and nearly all of their drivers are female (part-time caregivers, teachers, parents). Kango is poised to lead within their niche category: delivering safety and kindness to busy parents everywhere.


Which of these three startups sound the most helpful to you as a working parent?


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Sarah Johal
Sarah Johal is a badass partner marketing professional with 10+ years experience leading mobile startups to profitable and reputable success. Sarah earned her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication from San Francisco State University. She currently works at Lyft, the popular ridesharing service and fastest-growing mobile startup in the U.S. Sarah lives in the East Bay with her husband and 3-year-old daughter.

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