Three Steps Closer To: Personal Freedom


We all think about living a happier, healthier and more inspired life, but let’s face it; daily life can get in the way and making grand statements like “I want to be happier” seem somewhat overwhelming. Since we all know that breaking goals down and taking daily steps is the best way to achieve them, we’re offering up weekly motivations to support your goals in all areas of your life. This week, we are encouraging you to focus on increasing your sense of personal freedom by allowing yourself to use your voice and protect your personal space. Here are three ways to break free.

1 | Accept that disappointing people is acceptable.

No one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings or let anyone down intentionally, but there are times when saying “yes” to something, even when you want to, will take more from you than you can or want to give. This week, commit only to what you truly have time and energy for and gently turn down the rest without feeling guilty.

2 | Protect your personal space.

Imagine six inches away from your body as your own personal slice of heaven. Wherever you go, this is the space that you will find yourself in. How will you keep it? What kind of vibes will it have? Who will you allow inside of this space? This week, we encourage you to really consider where you are living, so to speak. Don’t be afraid to ask people to turn down the volume or to keep it all for yourself as you do a little redecorating.

3 | Use your voice.

There is grace in not offering up every opinion or piece of “brutal honesty” that comes to mind, but there’s no honor in staying silent when someone oversteps a boundary or says or does something that violates your value system or personal right to respect, dignity and understanding. This week, try and find ways to release the words you have swallowed through a letter, a diary entry or a heartfelt conversation.

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Brenda Della Casa
Brenda Della Casa is the owner of BDC Digital Media and the Founder of Badass Living. She is also the Author of Cinderella Was a Liar, The Editor-in-chief and the former Digital Content Strategist at Preston Bailey Designs. Additionally, she is a blogger for The Huffington Post Blogger and YourTango . When not working, she is obsessing over Enrique Iglesias and discovering London, her new home. She created Badass + Living for other women who believe in collaboration over competition.  Her ambition, determination and dedication to helping others is what makes her badass.  Facebook: BrendaDellaCasa, Twitter: @BrendaDellaCasa, Instagram: @BrendaDellaCasa.

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