Banish The Bloat: 10 Flat Tummy Snacks We Love.


With summer around the corner, poolside plans will soon be underway. Unfortunately, where warm weather seduces, water-retention looms. Salty snacks will increase belly bloat (as if you needed another reason to not reach for those chips), but that doesn’t mean you need to go without flavor (and that addictive crunch). Here are 10 snacks we love.

1 | Bananas and cantaloupe.

Full of fiber, these dense on-the-go snacks are fabulous for keeping full and easing water retention, thanks also to their high levels of potassium.

2 | Apples and pears.

Low in calorie, packed with fiber–and so good in the summer--nibbling on these easy-to-carry snacks has been shown to decrease overall food consumption when eaten before a meal.

3 | Cucumbers and celery.

Super hydrating and very low in calories, these veggies are perfect as a crunchy-snack alternative and their natural diuretic qualities help to eliminate excess water from the body.

4 | Kale and spinach.

Here’s a fact: when it comes to bloat, not all greens are created equal. While broccoli may cause you to swell, these leafy greens actually have the opposite effect. 

5 | Yogurt and miso soup.

Good bacteria and probiotics help with digestion which will keep bloating to a minimum.

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Brenda Della Casa
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