The Marchesa SS17 Bridal Collection Is All About Sensual Romance


Bridal Fashion Week has just come to a close here in New York and it’s fair to say that London-based designers Marchesa, Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman didn’t disappoint. The design house hosted a sexy and interactive sunset presentation at the iconic 601 Building in Manhattan where editors, planners, brides and insiders were in full attendance.



As we exited the elevators we were transported into a world of glamour and serenity which matched the overall embodiment of the collection perfectly. The room overlooked the Hudson River and was elegantly designed with large vases of cherry blossoms placed strategically between candlelit lanterns. Turning into the presentation room, we were greeted by waiters with trays of champagne and an artist sketching the collection while the sound from a violinist danced on air in the background.


Marchesa placed their models thought the room which allowed guests to experience an up-close-and-personal view of the dresses. The models were encouraged to interact with the guests, a pleasant and unexpected surprise (the only downfall of fashion shows is that they move so fast, it’s hard to really take in the layers of detail in the deigns). Even more lovely was the fact the models posed for photographers and moved through various personalized positions. This allowed everyone a chance at the “perfect shot” of the magnificent detail of the dresses–a must for bloggers, planners and clients who want a second opinion from a mom or a best friend. 


Marchesa had something for everyone this year. From the boho chic bride and the bride who loves the classic silhouette to the bride who wants to be up to her neck in lace, literally! Though fresh and modern, there was a clear nod to fashions of the past and I couldn’t help but to feel their Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I-inspired necklines were a slight expression of female empowerment. Showcasing fashion trends from the 1920’s through the 21st Century, the deign house used a number of different fabrics and techniques throughout the collection to create this classic collection: silk organza, tulle, 3D hand-cut flower petals, pink ombre ball gown and cheeky peek-a-boo cutouts.


A huge fan of accessories, I couldn’t help but to feel their bridal jewelry and shoe collection served as the centerpiece of the presentation. Beautifully presented on a central table covered with fresh flowers, the sparkling jewelry and laser-cut bridal shoes served as elements of surprise to our collective delight. I loved having the ability to touch and feel the collection, and as a huge fan of art deco, I couldn’t stop myself from picking out a few pieces for my own closet.

As someone who has been to a number of shows and presentations, I have to say that Marchesa did it right. Elegant, whimsical and practical. I can’t wait to see what Keren and Georgina do next!

Trend Alert: Fresh flowers were seen throughout the evening–in the hair of the models, tucked beside gems and even sewn into the jewels themselves. 


Photos: Kelly Irwin Rutty and First View via Style Me Pretty.

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Kelly Irwin Rutty
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