Wearing A Tampon During Sex? Flex Makes It Possible.


Listen up ladies: you can dance around in your white dress during your period all you want, but what about when that dress hits the floor? Get it on girl! What? You’re self-conscious about having sex while you’re on your period? Don’t worry, I get it; I don’t want my 1,000 thread count sheets looking like they just hosted a scene from some horror movie, either.

Well, now thanks to Flex, they won’t.

Now, we know this isn’t the 1800’s and people are getting it on at all times of the month, but we love the idea of a “product for mess-free period sex”. Here’s how it works: Flex creates a gentle wall that blocks the flow of menstruation. It is for one-time use only, but it can be worn up to 12 hours. That means there’s no awkward “hold on while I slip my flex in” moment with your partner.

While this seems like it will be an amazing product – and trust me, I will be among the first to purchase when they release this fall – this is not a method of birth control, nor will it protect from STD‘s. Sex is great (and having it while on your period can help you relieve your cramps as well as provide you with a few other benefits), but be safe.

I think Flex is a great product for women who have a healthy sexual appetite but don’t always feel super comfortable having sex on their period as well as those who just want to keep it clean while getting dirty.


Will you be using this product?

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