12 “Weird” Things That Are Perfectly Normal.


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1 | You keep your personal life private.

In a world of spill-your-secrets chatter, it’s hard not to feel like a prude for not wanting to discuss your sex life or the last time you had a Brazilian. The truth is there is something to be said for keeping a few secrets (it’s called maintaining a little dignity).

2 | You couldn’t care less about Kim Kardashian.

You don’t know her and it’s not like she’s stressing over your ability to pay your bills or whether or not you have anything to wear.

3 | You like sex…a lot.

It’s a falsehood that women are sexless creatures with a dozen headaches a week. You are a living, breathing woman so, go on and get busy as often as you like (with protection and without the least bit of shame).

4 | You’re not into one night stands.

So, you don’t get the appeal of awkward goodbyes and carrying a big bag of STD and “will he call” worries into a cab while still draped in last night’s clothing? Shocking.

5 | To not want your friend crushing on your celebrity boyfriend.

Hey, you have been there for Johnny Depp since 21 Jump Street and stood by him through his Cry Baby disasters. Where was she? Oh, that’s right–loving Richard Grieco.

6 | To not be obsessed with losing a few extra pounds.

Sex appeal comes in all shapes and sizes and a woman enjoying her life and feeling good about herself will be far sexier as a size 12 than a miserable and hungry woman sitting in size 4 skinny jeans. As for men? Do you know how boring it is to date a man who has to pencil you in between gym sessions?

7 | To not know the names of any of The Housewives.

If you are content with the amount of drama you receive at the office and every time you’re sipping eggnog with the family, you’re not alone.

8 | To get “overly excited” about the little things.

Hell, happiness is hard to find; so, if getting your new Marie Claire makes you squeal in the mailroom, let it out with great abandon!

9 | To not be dying to get into a relationship.

There is nothing sexier than a woman who dances to her own beat, lives her own life and makes her own rules. You know what is best for you and your life so live it as you see fit!

10 | To think blowing a rent payment on a bag or shoes is insane.

Jennifer Lopez may adore Balenciaga, but she also makes about twenty million more per year than we do!

11 | To secretly enjoy random compliments from strangers on the street.

As long as they are not gross or offensive, who doesn’t like to know they look damn good?

12 | To not have a vibrator (or want one).

As the song says, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.”

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